King and Bartlett - P.O. Box 500 - New Gloucester, ME 04260 - Ph. 207-926-4147

King & Bartlett (Fish and Game Club)

Thank you for checking in on us at King and Bartlett.  The Foundation has decided to make King and Bartlett available to some very deserving folks, who will be coming to the camp to enjoy all of its great attributes.  We have already booked dates with Casting for Recovery Alumni, Boy Scouts of America, In the Maine Stream, Wounded Warrior groups, and we still have a few dates available.

We want to share King and Bartlett with as many folks as possible. If you have a worthy group or organization that would like to visit us, please contact us through this website, by phone at 207-926-4147, or by email at We want to stress that this should be a group of commendable folks. The invited groups will be the guests of the Foundation and there will be no monetary charge for the visit. We are proposing a three day, two night stay. We can accommodate up to 24 people per group . Please visit our Facebook page to view some of King and Bartlett's wildlife sightings and group experiences . Our season will run June 1st.-October 1st.

We are proud and privileged to have so many great friends and associates interested in our undertaking.Thank you again for your interest in King and Bartlett. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please submit your e-mail address through this website. We would also like to invite you to submit testimonies of your experiences at King and Bartlett, we will share them with the guests.

King and Bartlett is a Foundation that is dedicated to providing an experience of a lifetime for our guests.

Thank you. Be well. Enjoy life.

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