King and Bartlett - P.O. Box 500 - New Gloucester, ME 04260 - Ph. 207-926-4147


FishingThe first governor of Maine, Governor William King, and his head lumberman, Bartlett, established King and Bartlett in the 1800s. Over the past 100 plus years King and Bartlett has been operated as a commercial sporting camp, a corporate retreat, a private fish and game club, and currently as a place where our veterans, young people, elderly and the critically ill can relax and be at peace in nature while enjoying our unparalleled natural resources and warm hospitality. We pride ourselves in offering our guests the opportunity to experience Maine as it used to be when life was simple, fishing was excellent, and game was plentiful.


We have always been very proud that King & Bartlett has played an important role in our guests' family traditions. Year after year, generation after generation, families have returned to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect. We will now extend these opportunities to a wide variety of deserving individuals and non-profit organizations.

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